Google Spreadsheets

Google spreadsheets is a way for many people to record data all at the same time. It can save time and stress when many people work on the same thing at the same time. Our class recorded all their details and statistics and compared them to each other and other classes. You can use Google Spreadsheets in many ways to write sport statistics and other writing pieces. Our class is way better than every other because we are very smart much,  more sporty and nearly half of us went to Jamo! Continue reading

5A stamps

Today in ILearn we analysed how many stamps we got from certain subjects. We also checked which teachers are the most generous when it comes to giving out stamps. 5A stamps are a point system that every student has that has to work to earn stamps and rewards, eg: 50 stamps = a pen, 75 stamps = highlighter, 100 stamps = a water bottle and so on.

Term 4 Goals

In term 3 I checked my reports and received nearly all highs on my report. I did get two mediums in Science and Indonesian. I was very happy with my results. My goals for my Term 4 Report is to get all highs and pass every subject and hopefully I should get a great report!

Cyber Safety – Social Media

Today our class has learnt about how to be safe on social media like Instagram and Facebook. I learnt that there are predators all over the internet and i have learnt five tips on being safe on social media site.

  • Never post full names or locations
  • Change your privacy settings so only your friends can see your profile.
  • Don’t post inappropriate pictures of yourself or your friends
  • Don’t like inappropriate pages that can be offensive
  • Only accept friend requests from people you know or are good friends with you

These were my tips on how to keep cyber safe on the internet.

Nerve Tester Project

For the last few sessions of electronics, our class have been working on an assignment which is making a Nerve Tester Toy. We were given a plan to draw two designs of the tester and when we had finished the drawings, we went around the classroom so everyone could get their opinion on which design was better. My plan is shown on the bottom right. As you can see i have drawn a basketball and a basketball ring. The basketball ring was chosen by the majority of the class. to make the nerve tester work, we had a battery which connected to a couple of LED lights and a buzzer. Any time you connected the LED’s and buzzer to the batteries cords, the buzzer would go off and the lights would turn on. We connected the cords of each component and soldered, hot glued and heat shrinked them together to make a solid circuit. We put fence wire at the top and more to make a holder and when they touched they made the buzzer and lights go off. The perfect Nerve Tester toy around!!

Evaluating Websites

This week in Ilearn we have been learning about how to find and evaluate a website. We were first taken to a Wikipedia page about Warrnambool College and were told to find 11 mistakes about that website. Our class has found out that Wikipedia is a very unreliable website that can anyone can edit the information.

We were then told to find websites about the first moon landing, Pumas in the Grampians, UFO Sightings and global warming. I have found a very reliable website about the Pumas in the Grampians. This website is called this website was updated on the 4th of august 2013 and is exploding with information about sightings of pumas in Victoria.  

I found an Unreliable website about UFO landings called this website had no author and was updated last in 2009. It also had false information. I have now learnt to be cautious about what websites to choose.

My Report

This week is the last week of term 2. It is also the end of the semester. Everyone has received their reports and I am pleased to announce that I have passed on all my subjects with flying colours! My best subject so far has been Maths from my report, because as a year 7 im already half way through year 8 in my Mathematics. My English is also very good as well as my learning of other languages such as Indonesian and French. I am loving Physical Education and my ‘Personal Fitness’ is at a great level. My only problem was Food Technology as I was apparently being ‘inconsistent’ with my cooking, but I don’t mind too much because im not aiming to be a chef when i’m older. I am very proud of my report!